Omega Oversize


 First, and most importantly, Omega is a great brand that has endured the test of time.  Oversize Omega's like this one are all the rage and we constantly look for great examples.  We found this one in Louisville, Kentucky at a National Watch Show, but it started its life in South America back in 1960.  Not only is this Omega an oversize, measuring 37mm in diameter (not including the crown) by 44mm lug to lug, but it also sports a tu-tone silvered dial that is still in great shape.  The seconds bit is rose gold and it matches the rose gold "Arrowhead" markers that are the indicators for the chapters, as well as the rose gold Omega symbol just under the 12 o'clock position.  Most of the oversize Omega's we find had their start south of the equator, since this was not a size marketed to North America in any great numbers.  The 17 jewel movement is the famous Caliber 267 that Omega used in the "Ranchero" and several other models to a fair-thee-well.  Our head watchmaker has completely restored this beauty so that it is winding, setting, and keeping time just like it did back in the day, circa 1960.  The stainless steel case assures you of many, many years of wear without looking worn.  The tu-tone dial will garner the admiring looks of your friends and acquaintances and our one year warranty for parts and labor will assure you of trouble free performance.  Why not own an interesting and historic could be yours!

Price: $1895
Year: 1960
SKU: w2937

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