Howard 23 jewel 14K Pocketwatch



     Howard was at the pinnacle of the watch world, back in the day.  It was the Rolls Royce of watches, with all the bells and whistles, and this Howard is no exception.  This is an E. Howard which means that it is a Howard that was made post 1902 after Keystone acquired the Howard name. 
     The Keystone Howard watches were only sold as complete watches that were cased and timed at the factory. The evidence of this is beautifully engraved inner case lid that bears the Howard name and their Boston location.

      In 1912 their best watch sold for $350.00 (a lot of money back in the day) and total production of that watch was only 300.  Today the Howard name is very sought after and when you see one as nice as this, in all original condition, and 23 jewel (their top grade) to boot, you may have to hook your drool cup up over your ears.

       This particular Howard was a presentation piece from 1924.  It has an engraving on the case band (the narrow portion of the case middle) that reads: "L.H. Dunning P.E.R." (one one side) and " From the B.P.O.E. No. 1430 - 1924" (on the other side).  You would never know that the engraving is there until you inspect it at a closer range.  It is very cleverly done.  Not only does the engraving mark this as a presentation watch, but it also nails down the presentation year 1924. The good news about this being a presentation watch is that it has had very little use and/or abuse.  Many times these watches were kept in their case, or a drawer, and only taken out for special occasions...hence very little wear.  Such is the case here.  The case is 14K solid gold with a "book hinge" that allows the movement to pivot outwards for service.  It measures 47 mm in diameter, by 60 mm from the case bottom to the top of the bow, by 10 mm in thickness.  The dial is silvered metal with a very nice patina and pencil thin "Art Deco" Arabic numerals and an inner arcade ring just above the Howard name. The cartouche on the case back bears the monogram of the original owner (great for provenance) and the movement is a 23 jewel (Howard's highest grade), finger bridge beauty that is adjusted for temperature, position, and is just spectacular!  Make sure you look at the "Zoom-In" photos to see how wonderfully executed this movement is.  Remember all of our watches come with our famous one year warranty for parts and labor so that you may buy with confidence.

Price: $3200
Year: 1924
SKU: pw1724

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