Rolex 9k "Prince"

 "Someday My Prince Will Come" ...and today is the day.  Father Time has had the pleasure to own several Rolex "Prince" models over our 37 years in the business, but this is the earliest one we have ever acquired.   The Rolex Company was in the hands of Aegler and Wilsdorf when, on August 26th, 1926, a patent was filed with the Swiss Patent Authorities.  About a year later on October 1, 1927, it was granted patent number 120849 for the movement that came to be called "The Prince".  Only four years later "Jack" celebrated his 21st birthday and guess what his present was.....A Rolex "Prince"!  This is that very same watch... and what a handsome watch it is.  The 9 karat solid gold case measures 20mm wide by 40mm long and is in fantastic, original condition and still bears the dedication to "Jack" on the back.   The original patent described one of the main advantages of the watch which was that it enabled the use of a much larger, and therefore, more visible seconds hand.  This was accomplished by placing the barrel for the mainspring at the opposite end of the case from the balance wheel.  This allowed for a larger barrel, and balance wheel.  This not only meant that the watch could run longer because it could contain a larger mainspring but, with a larger balance wheel, it could be more accurate and reliable.   Two facts that proved to be true.  The larger balance wheel additionally used solid gold screws to add mass and thereby momentum for a more accurate timepiece.  The "Prince" proved to be one of the most accurate wristwatches of its era.  These are also sometimes called "Doctor's Watches" due to the fact that doctors used them to take pulses because they could easily see the larger seconds bit. These beauties are getting harder and harder to find in good condition and are very scarce in the condition of "Jack's" watch.  The movement is a 15 jewel workhorse that is adjust to temperature, isochronism, and six positions.  The gold case has brushed portions above and below the twelve and the six respectively, while the case sides are high polish.  This contrast gives the watch a very elegant look and, coupled with the spectacular dial, makes for a fantastic piece of "Wrist Art".  The watch still has its original "Rolex Logo" crown and its 9 kt gold buckle (rarely seen).  The movement, dial, case, and crown are all signed and proper.  Our head watchmaker has it winding, setting, and keeping time just as it did for Jack back in 1931.  It can have a new life on your wrist! In short everything about this watch beckons you to acquire it.  Remember our one year warranty, for parts and labor, will allow you to buy with complete confidence.

Price: $6895
Year: 1931
SKU: w2952

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