Bulova "CK" Accutron Calendar



 This is the Gentleman's Bulova "CK" Accutron "Cushion Case" with a date feature at 6 o'clock!  We have only had one of these with this dial configuration after 37 years in business, and this one is particularly nice.  Made circa 1971 it is the epitome of a manly and progressive wristwatch that was cutting edge technology for that decade. The story is told that in the 1960's the American Government wanted to keep this technology out of the hands of the Russians so they asked Bulova to keep it a secret a little longer since we were using this very accurate timekeeper in our space program.  When you take a look at the informational pamphlet that Bulova put out to introduce this new idea to jewelers and watchmakers it has a very space age, cutting edge look (for the day).  In the pamphlet it is explained that the seconds are parsed into very discrete segments by the vibrations of a small tuning fork at the heart of the movement.  Bulova advertised it as the "Watch that Hums"!  The general public was very much into innovative and stylish watches and Bulova made this very interesting Cushion Shaped Watch to meet the demand.  Many times these are badly beat up since they were used extensively...but not this one.  It is in fantastic near mint condition and our watchmakers having it humming along just like it did when it came from the Bulova factory.  Like all Accutrons, that are Cal.218, it is set by the crown at the 4 o'clock position, but it is unusual because it has a day/date feature at the 6 o'clock position..  What's really special about this one is the larger size of this Accutron measuring 35mm wide, by 42mm from lug to lug, and how about that fantastic two-tone colored dial.  It is in fantastic condition and humming just the way it did back in 1971.  It could be humming on your wrist!  We warranty all of our watches for one year for parts and labor so that you may buy with confidence.



Price: $1450
Year: 1971
SKU: w2964

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