Pierce "Parashock" Swiss Military

 Military wristwatches are all the rage and here is a Pierce Stainless Steel "Parashock" Swiss Military Wristwatch circa 1944 that is in great condition.  This one won't break the bank and it has a very interesting look.  It sports a charcoal two-tone dial with a black background minute track, luminous hands and numerals (that no longer glow), and a red central sweep second hand.  It was warrantied to be waterproof and to accomplish this the case back has 6 compression screws that seal the back of the case. We no longer warranty vintage watches to be waterproof, but this well-sealed case will keep out all but the most invasive dirt, debris, and moisture.  The "Parashock" designation (a new innovation at the time) refers to the kif springs that allow a level of shock protection for the cap jewels.  It is also "Anti-Magnetic" meaning that is is resistant to magnetic fields that one might encounter. The watch measures 33mm in diameter by 40mm lug to lug.  This was a standard size for the era so that it could be unobtrusive on the wrist.  It will seem small if you are used to the "Tuna Can" sized modern offerings, but it is a very cool watch!  All of our timepieces are warrantied for one year for parts and labor so that you may buy with confidence!

Price: $875
Year: 1944
SKU: w2327

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