Hamilton "Whitney"

The Hamilton Watch Company was founded in 1892 but they didn't produce their first watch until 1893. The first watch was designed by one of the companies founding members - H.J. Cain. Their pocket watches commanded immediate respect and became prominent timepieces for railroad engineers as well as the general public. The "Broadway Limited" was introduced in their first year of business! These watches were so respected that they became the official watch of the American Expeditionary Forces world-wide! A special wristwatch version was made and supplied General Pershing and his men in WWI . Admiral Byrd relied on the same watch on both his Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. Auguste Piccard used a Hamilton timepiece on his balloon ascent into the stratosphere in the early 1930's. The first American to summit Mount Everest - Jim Whittaker -was wearing a Hamilton in 1963!  Suffice it to say that Hamilton made the best American Watches...bar none!  This particular Hamilton "Whitney" was made circa 1932 and was one of only 3009 made in gold filled.  How many survive today is anyone's guess.  It was the first model that Hamilton introduced in 1931 and was named for the inventor of the cotton gin-another famous American who got his early training at the watchmaker's bench.  The "Whitney" is a seventeen jewel Hamilton, grade 897-F.  The original list price was $67.50 which made it fairly expensive for the time although Hamilton said it was a moderately priced strap watch that would delight consumers.  I think they were right!  The yellow gold-filled case measures 29mm at its widest by 22mm at its thinnest, by 36mm lug to lug.  The ivory colored dial displays a wonderful patina that it has earned over time.  We have fitted it with a very nice dark brown croco strap so that it will grace your wrist with panache.  Our one year warranty for parts and labor will assure you it is in great running condition as are all of our timepieces.

Price: $1275
Year: 1932
SKU: w2585

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