Waltham "Victoria"

This is not your ordinary open face pocket watch it is an American Waltham "Chronometer" rated fine timepiece.  The "Chronometer" designation is reserved for only the top quality watches that are able to pass a stringent set of parameters.   Waltham gave it the name "Victoria".  The 18 size, yellow gold filled case measures 53mm in diameter (not including the stem and bow) by 18mm thick and was made made circa 1894.  It is a seventeen jewel, highly accurate, nickel plated movement with a safety pinion, a micrometric regulator, marked "adjusted", and with a handsome damaskeeing pattern on the movement plates.  The double sunk, porcelain dial exhibits elongated Roman Numerals and a red five minute track just on the perimeter of the minute track.  There is a seconds bit at the six o'clock position and the original hands are gold Louis XIV style.  The case shows some signs of loving use over the years but is still very handsome.  The case back has an un-engraved shield that awaits your family initials.   This is truly a fine timepiece from one of America's finest manufacturers that really deserves the "Chronometer" designation.  If you are searching for a really great pocket watch in a large man's size then this may be the one for you!

Price: $1950
Year: 1894
SKU: pw1621

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