We here at Father Time see a good many Elgin watches that were made over the 100 years that they were in business. In almost every instance we can restore these wonderful timepieces to the timekeeping ability that Elgin originally intended them to have...a testament to their quality. Elgin ca  n certainly be proud of what they accomplished because they had an excellent product that has stood the test of time.

This Elgin is one we can heartily recommend.  It is a twelve size, open face, Art Deco model that is white gold filled with an engraved fancy bow, blued steel pierced hands and an engraved silver plated metal dial.  It dates from 1925 and we have the original box for it.  For all you bleeding hearts out there this one has had an aftermarket set of bleeding hearts hand painted on the dial at the 3:30 and 8:30 positions.  This just adds eye appeal to a wonderful watch that is easy to carry in modern clothing. The case middle shows the fancy engraving that is present in the bow and the back cover has three Art Deco Initials engraved within a centrally located diamond shape...very much in spirit with the era.  What a great looking watch...all fully restored and warrantied for one year.  Don't miss this one!

Price: $995
Year: 1925
SKU: pw1580

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