Coventry Key Wind Fusee

There were many Swiss pocket watches made but very few that had the good looks of this Coventry Sterling Silver, open face, key wind and key set gentleman's watch.  It was made circa 1887 and it is still in fantastic condition.  Maybe it was only used for special occasions or it was simply lovingly cared for.  What ever the reason it is all the better for us today.  The sterling silver case measures 50mm in diameter, by 18mm thick and it looks great.  The hinges for the front bezel and rear lid are solid rose gold and the case band (middle) is what we call a coin edge design so that you can grip it quite easily.  The back lid opens effortlessly with the push of the button on the pendant revealing the winding hole and the original owner's name, John Carver.  This watch was made for the English market and it bears all the correct hallmarks for purity, maker's mark, and date.  The watch was made in Coventry by Adam Burdess and it is a high quality fusee, tip-out, movement which displays the most spectacular silver dial that is adorned with mulit-color gold embellishments.  Make sure you look at the "Zoom-In" photos to see how intricate the dial design is.  Roman Numerals surround the textured dial center where you can see a foliate arrangement in multi-color gold.  This is a nice size gentleman's key wind pocket watch that you will be proud to wear and sho off.  We have only one...don't miss it!


Price: $1850
Year: 1887
SKU: pw1075

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