Howard WGF "Extra" Series Seven

This is one of the "Art Deco" 17 Jewel, open face, Howards that was made circa 1924.  It has an original box and papers that are from the era but do not match exactly the serial number.  My guess is that there were two watches purchased and the boxes got switched at some time in the past because the serial numbers are so close.  Never-the-less it is an original box, with original papers.  It is a 12 size (measuring 46mm in width by 59mm from the case bottom to the top of the bow), white gold filled, "Extra" case (the thickest gold filled case made) and the case condition is wonderful.  Our head watch maker has it winding, setting, and keeping time just as it did back in the 1920's.  What really makes it really sing, however, is the "Art Deco" silvered dial.  It is just a thing of beauty, that is doubly accented by the pierced, blued steel hands, the engraved pendant, the stylized numerals, and the unusual bow shape.  This fabulous case contains a Series Seven that is in pristine condition.  Howard has a sterling reputation for quality and this watch is no exception.   We warranty all of our timepieces for one year, for parts and labor, so that you may buy with confidence. It can be yours.

Price: $2895
Year: 1924
SKU: pw1545

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