Chesterfield Alarm

This Chesterfield is a Swiss Pocket Alarm from the 1950's that is in great condition.  It is housed in a chrome case that open to provide an easel stand for the watch so that you can put it on your beside table.  The case measures 53mm in diameter by 72mm from the bottom of the case, to the top of the bow.  The dial diameter is 40mm.  The numerals and the hands have that aged lume color that only comes with care and age.  The pointed arrow, blued steel hand, indicates the time for the alarm to sound and is set by a knob at the rear of the watch.  We have removed the bell, which fills the entire case back to show you what great condition the movement is in.  The idea was that not only did you have a pocket watch to carry for time during your busy day, but you also had an alarm that could awaken you at the start of your day....all in one watch!  This great looking watch is running, winding, setting, and sounding the alarm just like it did over 67 years ago.  Our head watch maker has assured me that it is in perfect running condition and the one year warranty that we give you will allow you to sleep at night....until the alarm sounds!

Price: $750
Year: 1950
SKU: pw1657

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