Elgin "DeLuxe"

If you visit our site often you already know that Elgin was the largest maker of watches in the world.  You probably also know that their watches were wonderfully engineered and very reliable.  Another thought that we have is that there are many, many parts still available to restore any watch in their line.  This bodes well for keeping these watches running for generations.  This particular Elgin was made in 1947 and, even back then, it was not the normal configuration.  It has what we call a "hooded lug" meaning that the portion of the case that stretches between the lugs somewhat obscures the end of the band, thereby creating an integrated look.  The whole lug configuration on this Elgin is quite elegant, not only in the way the band attaches, but also in the way the lugs are attached to the main case body.  When you look at the Zoom-In photos you will see that there is a space between the band attachment and the case body.  You will also see two stylized gold balls that hold it in place with clear space between them.  The yellow gold-filled case measures 29mm in diameter, by 40mm lug to lug, with a thickness of 8mm. The case houses a 17 jewel movement that is as clean as a whistle. The silvered dial is a beauty and it displays a nice size seconds bit at the six o"clock position. Our head watch maker has it winding, setting, and keeping time like the day it was made and our one year warranty, for parts and labor will allow you to buy with confidence!

Price: $650
Year: 1947
SKU: w2369

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