Benrus "Initial Link"

 Benrus watches are often underestimated. They made really nice watches, as you can see here, but are often overlooked in favor of more expensive watches. We think this is a tragedy since Benrus watches are great looking and well-made. This particular Benrus has a round Yellow Gold-Filled case, measuring 22 mm in diameter (not including the crown)  (an American quarter measures 24 mm in diameter) by 43 mm lug to lug, by 8mm thick.  We have fitted the watch with a 16mm black croco grain band that looks quite handsome!  This nice rolled gold plate case houses an even nicer 17 jewel movement that is in great condition.  Now take a look at the dial, it is a creamy classic that has great proportions.  It also sports a very nice large Seconds Bit at the six o'clock position.  What's unusual about this watch is the two rails that appear at the top and bottom of the case.  They are designed to hold the owner's initials.  The selling jeweler could insert the proper initials in the rails to customize the watch for a particular customer.  We currently have an "E" and a "P' appearing in both rails.
This particular Benrus is indicative of iconic late 1930's American wristwatches. Yes, it was someone's prized possession but very gently used over its lifetime,and now our master watchmakers have restored it to like-new performance. It is running, winding, setting and keeping time like the day it arrived on these shores from Switzerland. This is a fully restored and warrantied watch that you can buy for very little dough.  This is a gentleman's watch that would look great on your wrist. Remember all of our timepieces come with our famous one year warranty for parts and labor so that you may buy with confidence!


Price: $450
Year: 1938
SKU: w1262

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