Wittnauer "Charcoal Dial"

The A. Wittnauer Co. was the exclusive sales agent for Longines starting in 1880, initiating a marriage that would stand the test of 114 years. In 1936, the Wittnauer family sold their interests and the brand was renamed the Longines-Wittnauer Co., a name that became so burnished in the public lexicon, that most people assume Longines and Wittnauer watches are one and the same. In fact, they produced different movements that were very individual to their brand. Wittnauer was a Swiss company that made very nice watches, and this one is exceptionally nice displaying an unusual "Charcoal Dial". It is a seventeen jewel, with a round white gold-filled case that measures 36mm in diameter (without the crown), by 39mm lug to lug, by 7mm thick. We have fitted it with an 18mm, dark brown, croco grain band that suits it to a "T". It is in excellent running condition and is representative of watches made in the late 1960's. You will go "Ape" over this watch! Our one year warranty, for parts and labor, will allow you to buy with confidence!

Price: $650
Year: 1968
SKU: w2467

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