Helbros "Tonneau"

Helbros is probably an unfamiliar name to most millennials, but Helbros was a household name in America until the 1970's! They were a company that started by assembling Swiss movements made by other companies and they competed directly with Hamilton and Bulova for the American watch buyer. Today Helbros is owned by Jules Jurgensen. They provide a very affordable and good value proposition for the entry level buyer. Helbros made some watches themselves but were much more of an assembler/marketer than a manufacturer. This is the reason that you can find movements in their cases that came from Switzerland, Germany, and France. The good news for the buyer today is that all of their movements were solid, well engineered, timepieces that one can buy at a very affordable price point. This particular Helbros is a very attractive seventeen jewel, rose gold-filled, tonneau (curved sides) Curvex-shaped wristwatch with a stainless steel back for wearing longevity.  It also has its original rose gold-filled, 16mm, expansion band so that it has a complete period look circa 1936.  The case measures 24mm in width, by 35mm lug to lug, by 8mm thick.   This is a great "entry watch" into the world of vintage wristwatches for a modest investment. Although it is a gentleman's watch it would look fabulous on a ladies wrist. Our head watch maker has lovingly restored it to the same performance level it had back in 1936.  Our one year warranty will allow you to buy this one with confidence!

Price: $875
Year: 1936
SKU: w2686

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