Miniature Carriage Clock

Carriage Clocks were designed to travel with the owner, back in the day when travel by carriage was the most luxurious form of transport. When your servants were packing up the household necessities in order to re-locate to the country house you would always take your "Carriage Clock" along, not only as a reliable timekeeper but as a status symbol. Many of the carriage clocks were large devices that required a hefty hand to tote but this miniature is an easy one to carry and/or display. Standing slightly taller than 3 inches it has all the features you see in much larger clocks. The movement boasts a "Platform Escapement," a Porcelain Dial with Roman numerals, and Louis XIV Gold Hands. It is key wind, key set from the rear and it is encased in beveled glass on all sides. This is a great clock in near perfect condition that has been lovingly restored. Needless to say our head clockmaker has it running like a proverbial top. Don't miss it!

Price: $1250
Year: 1915
SKU: CL439

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