French Walnut Gallery Clock

It isn't often that we come across such a nice example of a French wall clock, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then. The three-dimensional carving on the case is just spectacular and every other element just adds to the drama. The central lion's head protrudes from the case just above the 12 o'clock position as though it were leaping out of the case itself. The "wing-like" finials and overtopping urn shape add to the overall effect and are balanced by the wonderful treatment at the case bottom. The chapters are porcelain cartouches that really make the dial easy to read and are quite dramatic. The gilded hands are pierced to give them an elegant appearance and a nice contrast against the walnut dial. The entire facade of this great timepiece is hinged to open like a book so that the owner can gain access to the movement and the pendulum.  As you articulate the facade the dial remains in place as the facade moves away for access. The entire case is French walnut and is executed in the grand style of an 1870s gallery clock. The movement is a "threaded verge" which is an eight day, time and strike, on a coiled gong. Our head clock maker has fully restored the movement so that it can give you a lifetime of dependable timekeeping. It is just a fabulous clock...don't miss it!

Price: $3250
Year: 1870
SKU: CL358

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