English Fusee Gallery Clock

The English Fusee Gallery Clock is a Classic and this is one of the nicest ones we have ever had the pleasure to own. It measures 16" in diameter, by 7" deep. These clocks were used in many public places and the pendulum was kept hidden inside of the case so that it could not be easily tampered with nor would it be a distraction. If you are not familiar with the concept of the "Fusee," try to imagine a short cone with a grooved track that starts at the base of the cone and then in one continuous track ascends to the top of the cone. This was a very clever device that allowed a very even power distribution from fully wound to almost wound down. The mainsprings that were being made at this time, circa 1870, were not capable of delivery an even amount of power to the movement over the course of a week. The clock would run faster when fully wound-up, and slower as the spring lost power over the course of 7 days. To circumvent this problem the mainspring barrel had a tiny chain (made like a bicycle chain) that wrapped around the outside of the barrel (the housing for the mainspring). When the clock was wound the chain was pulled off the barrel and on to the "Fusee" cone, with the first windings taking up the biggest diameter of the cone. Once fully wound, the spring would exert a force around the smallest diameter of the cone, but as the mainspring lost power it would pull across an increasingly larger and larger diameter of the cone, thereby getting a mechanical advantage and delivering very even power for an entire week. Very clever...No? This is one of the reasons that these clocks are of interest today. Pocket watches of the era had the same mechanism in them for the same reason. As steel became more readily available and with better composition the power issues were a thing of the past. This is interesting if you are into mechanical things as we are but the clock has such great panache that its presence really overshadows the mechanical aspects. I think it is the silvered dial that is inlaid with fired enamel that makes the statement loud and clear! The fact that the maker's name "I. Wynn" is a homophone and a desirable victory cry just makes me smile. This particular maker hailed from Windsor and I'm sure caught the attention of the royal family due to the exceptional quality of his clocks. The clock is fully restored and warrantied for one year. If you are looking for a really nice fusee then this may be the one for you! Our one year warranty for parts and labor will allow you to purchase with complete confidence.

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