Lord Elgin

You probably know by now that Elgin was the giant in the watch industry in America and that their product was superior to most of the Swiss imports that were flooding the market back in the early 1950s. The Lord Elgin was their best watch, and this one is a 21 jewel workhorse with a "Durapower Unbreakable Mainspring". This was quite the technical advantage at that time and a wonderful thing for us to have today. This is a very handsome, rectangular watch that will look great and perform beautifully for generations to come because it was well made and well cared for over its life. We have learned from the engraving on the back of the watch that Mr. George Boivin received this watch in 1953 from his friends at the I.C. (probably the Illinois Central Railroad) and no doubt he cherished it as the very special gift it was. The yellow gold-filled case measures 23mm in width by 38mm lug-to-lug by 10mm thick (including the crystal). The dial has aged beautifully to a light coffee color which is indicative of perfect aging and makes for a wonderful vintage look.  Make sure you look at the photos of the movement (in the "Zoom-In" views) and you can tell that it is spotless. Here's a great watch for very little dough that is in great shape...don't miss it! Our one year warranty will allow you to buy with wild abandon!

Price: $695
Year: 1951
SKU: w2447

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