Elgin "DeLuxe"

Because of our proximity to the town of Elgin, Illinois, we have ready access to many watches that were purchased in Chicago,the hub for railroad transportation in the 1940s when a lot of freight moved by rail. Sure, Elgins were available all over the USA, but we had a hometown advantage. This proximity also has allowed us to purchase many original Elgin parts over the years from factory employees, local watchmakers, and jewelers, as they went out of business. Consequently, there aren't many that we don't have original parts for and this fact bodes well for the future of many vintage Elgin wristwatches. I think we can safely say that we will be able to service your Elgin for a lifetime. What? You don't have an Elgin? Well then here is a great one for you. It is the Elgin "De Luxe", a seventeen jewel, yellow gold-filled, rectangular watch with tonneau sides. The case measures 22mm wide (not including the crown) by 34mm lug-to-lug by 9mm thick, including the height of the crystal. We have fitted it with a nice, dark brown, smooth leather strap that suits it well. The dial has a beautiful, creamy colored background that has aged perfectly and which provides a nice contrast for the gold applied Arabic numerals. It also has a sunken seconds bit at the 6 o'clock position, whose shape is identical to the shape of the case. Once you look at the photo of the movement in the "Zoom-In" views, you will see what great condition the movement is in. Our head watchmaker tells me that it has a perfect timing pattern on the Vibrograph (the timing machine). Although this is a gentleman's watch it is the perfect size for a lady's wrist. At a price which won't break the bank, it is quite a buy. Don't miss it! Our one year warranty for parts and labor will assure you of great performance for many years to come.

Price: $450
Year: 1944
SKU: w2339

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