French Baker's Clock

These clocks were for the French merchant that wanted something special and elegant in his shop to give customers the correct time and add a touch of class to the shop. The name came from the preponderance of this type of clock that was found in French Bakeries. This particular clock is an unusual example having inlaid Mother-of-Pearl against a black background on the bezel and dial surround. The contrasting red trim adds just a touch of eye appeal. The dial is a all porcelain and displays individually fired bombe chapters with Roman numerals that have individual brass surrounds. The buled steel pierced hands add the final touch that give this clock a spectacular appearance. The clock strikes the hours on a coiled gong and is eight day running. The front bezel hinges from the top to gain easy access to the pendulum. Circa 1870 it's good for yet another hundred years.

Price: $2850
Year: 1870
SKU: CL362

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