Huguenin and sons Quarter Hour Repeater with Chronogragh Function

A repeater is a watch that chimes the time to within a specific parameter. This is a Quarter Hour Repeater that tells you the time by chiming within 15 minute segments. First it chimes the hour that it's past then it double chimes the quarter hour that the minute hand is currently in. You will know what time it is with a maximum error of 14 minutes. Additionally this magnificent timepiece has a chronograph feature that, on demand, starts the timing of the sweep second hand for exactly timing of precise activities. This is all delineated on the intricately marked porcelain dial which has some faint hairlines that do not detract from the magnificent pocket repeater. The watch is a 19 Lignes Huguenin & Sons, 14k solid gold, hunting case, with chronograph feature by push button located on the band in the twelve o'clock position. The movement is a seventeen jewel nickel beauty that is a joy to behold. The repeater function is activated by a slide on the band and has a nice crisp bell sound. Opening the back you will see a fantastic glass display back that allows the viewer to see the movement without admitting dust and dirt. The case lids are engine-turned showing only the most minor wear. The inner dust cover is signed, numbered and bears the gold 14k hallmark. The case diameter is 55mm by 77mm from the top of the bow to the bottom of the case and is 12mm thick. For a collector this is the gold ring. It literally has all the bells and whistles. This watch is winding, setting and functioning perfectly. Remember all of our timepieces come with our famous one year warranty. If you are a collector or have one in your life this is the watch for you!

Price: $7950
Year: 1901
SKU: PW1084

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