Jaccard 15 Jewel 18K Gold with Inlaid Enamel

This is a very special pocket watch that is Swiss manufactured. It is 18K solid gold with inlaid black enamel. Everything about this spectacular timepiece is unusual. The rich deep yellow, gold color is handsomely contrasted by the inlaid black enamel designs. Made circa 1876, it bears the aura of its day. The case measures41mm in diameter by 11mm thick and is 58mm from the top of the bow to the bottom of the case. This is a hunting case that bears a central "R" initial in the cartouche. Finely engraved engine turning graces the case on both sides. The watch was made for the famous Jaccard & Co. of St. Louis. When you open the front cover you are greeted with a lovely porcelain dial that has Roman numerals. The hands have Fleur-de Lis ends that gracefully point to the correct time. At the 4:15 position there is a small lever that peeks out from under the bezel. By pushing this with your thumb-nail it pops into the setting position. Once you set the hands to the correct time all you have to do is close the front cover and the setting is automatically disengaged - quite an innovation for 1876. When you open the back cover you will see an engraving that says " IDA FROM ED", 22nd March 1876 and the 18k mark. What's really unusual is that there is an oval porcelain insert on the 2nd inner lid that has an actual photo of Ed in sepia tones. This portrait is framed like a typical Victorian picture and is surrounded by black enamel designs. If all these features were not enough there is a fantastic, fantastic three finger bridge, Swiss 15 jewel movement that is running like the day it was made. It bears the patent date of Aug. 8, 1871. All in all this is a unique time piece that is quite old and in excellent running condition. This wonderful heirloom could be yours! Remember all of our watches come with our famous one year warranty for parts and labor.

Price: $3650
Year: 1876
SKU: PW1195

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