Hamilton "Carl"

Vintage watches, from a variety of manufacturers, run the gamut from ordinary to spectacular but it seems that everything Hamilton put their collective minds to came out great! We here at Father Time feel that they are the greatest of the US companies...bar none! In 1953 Hamilton introduced the "Carl". And this particular "Carl" is a real gem!  It's all original too! Just look at the case and dial - they're near perfect. The lugs on this watch are cleverly scalloped to give the watch an elegant flair. The subtle two-tone dial has raised gold markers with only the noon position displayed as the number twelve at the top, while the other chapters are indicated by gold pyramidal markers and double dashes at the 3 and the 9! This unusual eye-catching design feature was only one of many that set Hamilton apart from the crowd. The case is gold filled and measures 24mm wide by 39mm in length. This watch was certainly not indicative of typical 1950's sensibilities since it was the result of an evolution of design that came from the previous decades of careful study rather than an attempt at kitsch culture. Take a look at the careful detail with which Hamilton executed this beautiful 17 jewel movement. The plates are handsomely damasceened and elegantly engineered for several lifetimes of service. This is a wonderful vintage timepiece that can be passed on in your family for generations to come. Grab it while you can as it may be a long time before we see another one as nice!

Price: $1150
Year: 1953
SKU: W2407

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