Hampden Hunting Case

The serial number indicates that this Dueber Hampden Gentleman's pocket watch was made in 1902. The engraving on the gold filled case shows signs of the normal wear you would expect on a watch of this age! The dial and hands are what make this watch special! The bold Roman numerals surround this "double sunk" dial showing a center section that is sunken, and a seconds bit that is sunken also! The ornate hands are "Louis XIV" style which perfectly compliment the dial! The movement is a 17 jewel killer that is running just like the day it left the factory in Canton , Ohio, in fact the original case papers are still inside the back lid. Perhaps this watch spent years tucked away in the vest pocket of a banker. Every time he pulled it out and opened it up to view the time - he must have been delighted! You'll experience the same joy! Our famous one year parts and labor warranty guarantees it!

Price: $995
Year: 1902
SKU: PW1461

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