Illinois Hunting Case 14K Gold Multi Color

This an Illinois 6 size solid gold, multicolor, pocket watch measuring 40mm in diameter that conjures up images of the Victorian era when American watchmaking was in full bloom! It is a size that either a man or a woman could wear. The engaving is beautifully executed in solid 14K green, rose, and two colors of yellow gold. The center cartouche on the front lid is pink gold and displays the stylized initials "OA". Around the cartouche are five floral depictions in all the gold colors. Notice the fine lines of engraving still visible in the background even after all of these years; a sure sign that this watch has been lovingly cared for since 1891 when this watch first saw the light of day. The inner lids are all marked with the U.S.Assay mark of 14K solid gold and the dust cover tells the name and address of the original owner. Many times we never know who owned these beauties, but that is not the case here. It's original owner is enshrined on the inner lid for all subsequent owners to see. We are, after all, only caretakers of these magnificent timepieces for future generations. We have some customers that are continuing this tradition for the next generation to marvel could join them with the purchase of this watch! The back lid has a shell-edged cartouche that displays a beautiful diamond set into the lid center. The porcelain dial with Roman Numerals is pristine carrying the "Illinois" name in a fanciful border just below the 12 o'clock position. There is a sunken seconds bit at the six o'clock position and the watch is set by means of a lever at the 4:45 position. All-in-all this is one heck of a solid gold timepiece from a stellar American company. The movement is a 15 jewel engineering marvel that we have fully restored to run superbly and our famous one year warranty will allow you to buy with confidence.

Price: $2895
Year: 1891
SKU: PW1465

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