Zodiac Olympus

This is one of the most progressive asymetrical watches Zodiac made! Not only is it stylistically advanced for its time, it is also a mechanically advanced timepiece. The automatic (self-winding) movement has 21 jewels and is running just like new. The gold filled case is wedge shaped and measures 35mm at the widest point and 42mm from lug to lug. The watch has a gold-on-gold motif that carries all the way through the dial color. The mystery hour hand appears to be disconnected from the movement and has the appearance of floating around the dial. The center of the dial is actually a platter that rotates as it carries the hour hand creating the mystery. The crown is at the 2 o'clock position and displays the Zodiac logo. The watch has a stainless steel snap-back that makes it perfect for everyday wear. These watches are getting harder and harder to find in good condition and this one is a beauty, don't miss it. Our one year warranty means you get a watch in top condition with the most security available for an internet purchase!

Price: $1790
Year: 1968
SKU: W2481

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