Longines 14K White Gold Diamond Dial

This must have been the top of Longines line in 1954! This watch has everything going for it! Of course the case is 14K solid white gold with a diamond dial to boot! It is 24mm wide by 40mm lug-to-lug. The 17 jewel movement has been beautifully engineered to be a fine time piece and one that shows Longines' fine heritage. What really knocked us out when we first saw this watch was the Art Deco influence that is quite palpable in the design. The case is slightly wider than its contemporaries and the way the diamonds are inset on the dial is unusual as well. We have all remarked on how unusual the band is...it both compliments and accents the watch with its black triangular sections coming off each lug. It is white gold filled expansion band that suits this watch to a "T". The 17 jewel movement is a real winner and has a perfect pattern in all positions on our timing machine. This is a testament to our watchmaker's skills and Longines' engineering. Please also notice the high-domed curved crystal that showcases the dial. Once it is on your wrist you can really appreciate how nice that curved line becomes a "form follows function" statement. The outline of the seconds bit mimics the case shape against the silvery background of the dial color. This is a suave man's dress wristwatch that would look equally good on a woman since the trend is towards larger art on the wrist. There is even a slightly domed crown that makes it just a little different. If you want that perfect tuxedo watch then this may be the one for you! Don't miss it since it is the only one in this configuration we have ever had!


Price: $4650
Year: 1954
SKU: W2654

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