Orator Art Deco Marcasite Pendant watch

This is one you have to see in person because the photos just can't capture the real Art Deco essence of this timepiece! I think that it is the light coming off of the stones that gives it a special appearance that the camera just can't see. Talk about a definitive Art Deco watch....this is it! The watch is a very nice Swiss Orator that our watchmakers have winding, setting, and keeping time like the day it arrived here in America in the 1930's. The metal is all sterling silver and the black enamel work just sets it off perfectly. The bar pin is hand engraved and catches the light quite nicely. The stones are all costume but the quality of the movement is an excellent 17 jewel Swiss beauty. There are 34 marcasites bordering the watch and 18 baguette rhinestones that compliment the black half-round and black pyramidal stones. No doubt some well-to-do lady wore this piece to a fare-thee-well. Now you can have an authentic piece of the era that has a great deal of style for a reasonable price,in fully restored condition, and warrantied for one year for parts and labor. Not only is it a nice watch but it is also a piece of Art Deco jewelry. Don't miss it since we have only had one of these after being in the business for over 33 years!

Price: $1450
Year: 1932
SKU: PW1677

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