Touchon & Co. 18k Gold Minute Repeater

This is a gentleman's Touchon & Co. minute repeater, one of the best repeaters in the world! Touchon & Co. was a stellar Swiss company, started in 1907, that made high grade watches for the world's finest retailers. Tiffany was their largest client and they demanded only the best for their customers. They were not only one of the best watches produced but, since production ceased in 1921, one of the scarcest. Minute repeaters are, in and of themselves, one of the most complicated watches ever manufactured, and when one is as nice as this one, really rare. When the repeater slide is activated, along the case side, the watch will chime revealing the hour, the quarter hour, and finally the exact minute! The owner could then know the time to the precise minute without looking at the dial,a very handy feature in the dark. Everything about this watch has been fashioned to very exacting standards. The beautiful dial, the elegant 18K solid gold case, the smooth slide, and classic design all combine to make it a fantastic timepiece. Notice how the stylized personalization on the case back creates an interesting design....if only this watch could talk and reveal its, now secret, owner. Not only is this a beautiful watch but the engineering needed to make all these complications function in such a slender case is nothing short of astounding. Take a look at the "Zoom-In" photos to see how nice this complicated movement is. It is signed "Touchon" under the dial and displays a three finger bridge, large ruby jewels, and perfectly situated gongs. The sound of these gongs is delightful to hear and gives one a real feel for the precision and desirability of a true "Minute Repeater". I can imagine a gentleman at the opera in a tuxedo activating the repeater function, during intermission, to have his Touchon chime the time, consulting the dial for the correct time and triggering the repeater to give everyone within earshot a real treat. This Touchon is a 29 jewel, extremely high grade timepiece, that we have converted from a pocket watch to a wristwatch so that you may wear it easily and have a nice big statement on your wrist. The 18k solid gold case measures 47mm in diameter, by 56mm lug-to-lug.  It is in perfect running condition and it winds, sets, and keeps time like the day it came from Switzerland. There are very few wrist minute repeaters in the world, and this will rank among the best extant. Since the production for Touchon was only 14 years these watches are as scarce as hen's teeth. As I once read on a website devoted entirely to Touchon, "if you are offered the opportunity to buy a Touchon & Co. repeater, then I advise you to do so." The prices have risen dramatically in the last few years and we expect them to continue their rise quite dramatically in the coming years as these are the possessions of a precious few.

This is by far one of the nicest wristwatch repeaters we have ever had the pleasure to offer for sale...don't miss it! Remember all of our timepieces come with our famous one year warranty for parts and labor so that you may buy with confidence.

This is truly a one of a kind watch! Listen to the watch chime on our Facebook page by clicking on this link:

Price: $28900
Year: 1920
SKU: W2829

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