Howard Open Face Extra

Howard was the Rolls Royce of American watches. The movement is a 12 size, circa 1912, but because it is in a book-style case it winds-up being close to a 16 size watch, which is also very thin. The movement is a 17 jewels beauty that is adjusted to temperature, isochronism, and three positions. It is in immaculate condition! The porcelain dial is a joy to behold and the yellow gold-filled case is in excellent condition. A Howard pocket watch cost as much as an automobile originally and today the quality shows through. One of the unusual features of this watch is the fact the the yellow gold-filled case is what Howard deemed "Extra" which meant that it was the thickest gold filled case made and was guaranteed to wear permanently. Today this means that there is a lot of gold in the case and not just a thin layer over brass. This feature, of course, came with a higher price, but so did Howard's superior engineering. One of our dear friends owned this wonderful watch and really took care of it as the prized possession it is. Our avid collector friend snatched this Howard up about twenty years ago from the original owner and it has been in his collection until just recently when we acquired it from his estate. We know that he would want it to have a good home where it will be well cared for for the next generation. We are, after all, only the caretakers for those who come after us and this is a watch that will give several lifetimes of service, if properly maintained. We hope you will give it a good home! Our master watchmakers have this Howard winding, setting, and keeping time like the day it was made. Remember all of our timepieces come with our famous one year warranty for parts and labor so that you may buy with confidence.

Price: $2800
Year: 1912
SKU: PW1693

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