Torvic Lighter/Watch

This was SUCH an avante-garde item in the 1960's that we were delighted to see someone light-up with this unusual device. It is a watch AND a lighter all in one...and what an interesting way to ignite a cig. Just squeeze it! Yep, place the ends between your thumb and forefinger....squeeze.....and a flame appears from the port in the middle of the column! Then you can tell her what time it is by glancing at the top end where a nice quality Swiss wristwatch movement resides! These were carried by both men and women and I can remember my aunt using one when I was a mere teen. It was WAY cool. When we located this particular Torvic we were thrilled...first of all to locate one, and secondly because it was in fantastic condition. Once we serviced the watch, and put flint and fluid in the lighter, it fired right-up! This is a very neat piece for either your watch or lighter collection and our one year warranty for parts and labor will allow you to buy with confidence.

Price: $750
Year: 1965
SKU: W2786

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