Gruen "Precision"

Gruen was a premier watch manufacturer ,and was perhaps, one of the companies that you wanted to emulate if you were in the business of making wristwatches. Everything they put their hand to was first rate. They were the inventors of the "Curvex" a revolutionary curved watch from the late 1930s. Gruen held the patent on the curved movement but they also made made fine timepieces that contain flat movements as well. This Gruen is one of those. It has the "tonneau" shape and gives the appearance of a curved watch, but with a flat movement. This is a very handsome Gruen that looks just like a Curvex, but with a flat movement and without the higher price that Curvexes command. The rhodium plated white metal case measures 2mm in width by 37mm lug to lug. It has a spectacular rose gold dial with yellow gold Arabic numerals that gives this watch great eye appeal and makes it a real winner! The movement is a 17 jewels workhorse that will give you a lifetime of service, if you take care of it. Our one year warranty, for parts and labor, will give you the peace of mind that this wonderful Gruen wristwatch will perform just as good as it did in 1939.

Price: $895
Year: 1939
SKU: w2563

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