It is not often that we have both a stainless "Air Flight" and a gold plated "Day/Night" in stock but every once and a while even a blind squirrel finds a nut! These don't walk in the door every day but that was not an ordinary day. Needless to say, we were delighted to find this killer "Day/Night" wristwatch. So, as a result we now are offering two of these interesting watches for sale. This one, made circa 1962, has a gold plated case and our other listing ( w2863 on this site) has an all stainless steel case. The case on this one is yellow gold plated with a stainless steel back for longevity. It measures 34mm in diameter by 42mm lug to lug, and is in excellent condition. The movement is a "precision" 17 jewel movement with a jump-hour function that changes the markers from black to green as the time of day transitions from day to night. At six pm the entire dial changes from the black numerals, used for easy daytime reading, to green luminous numerals, which glow in the dark for nighttime reading. This watch has the same movement as the "Air Flight" and functions the same way, but instead of a numeral change, the markers change. This unusual piece would be the star watch in any collection due to it's condition and unusual features. Remember all of our timepieces come with our famous one year parts and labor warranty.

Price: $2450
Year: 1962
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Yes, we love Gruen watches, and none more than the legendary "Gruen Curvex"! We buy every one we can find, in nice condition, and this one is pristine. The back of the case usually tells the story because that's where the wear is apparent if a watch has been badly used and abused. You can see in the "Zoom-In" photos how nice this one is! It was very well cared for over its lifetime so that you may avail yourself of a wonderful piece of watchmaking history for generations to come. The "Curvex" idea is that the form of the wristwatch follows the form of your wrist. Gruen held the patents on curved movements (an engineering marvel) and this allowed them to curve their watches more than any other manufacturer with great advantage because they could fill the entire case with movement and thereby use a more robust barrel, balance wheel, and mainspring. The original silvered dial is beautiful and is perfectly displayed behind the interesting four facet crystal (hard to see in the photos, but it articulates in four facets north to south and east to west). The "crosshair gunsight"seconds bit adds eye appeal with simple effective design. The case is yellow gold filled and measures 22mm wide, not including the crown, by 42mm lug to lug. It's a nice large "Curvex" for a man's wrist. The spotless movement is seventeen jewel, caliber 370 circa 1948, and it is in pristine condition. Our watchmakers have it running like new and it comes with a full one year warranty. The photos really can't do this watch justice, but when you hold it in your hand you will appreciate how good the Gruen designers were. The angles of the bezel, the curve of the watch, the quality of the dial, and above all, the precision of the Swiss movement all combine to make this a killer wristwatch. Remember all of our timepieces come with our famous one year warranty for parts and labor so that you may buy with confidence.

Price: $2475
Year: 1948
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Jakob Josef Mauritz Breitschmid was a watchmaker in Lucerne in 1854, as his business bloomed he hired an apprentice named Eduard Jakob Gubelin who eventually married his daughter Bertha and then bought into Breitschmid's business. In an attempt to improve their situation Breitschmid and Gubelin moved their shop to a location were royalty and the upper classes were frequent visitors. The rest, as they say, is history. Today Gubelin is a name that is world famous. We are delighted to be able to offer a rare rectangular E. Gubelin in a stainless steel case with its original finish dial. Purists please take note! Take a look at the "Zoom-In" photos to see how wonderful this dial is. It displays a very interesting minute track with contrasting border and a large seconds bit. The unusual hand shape completes the package. The fifteen jewel movement is in pristine condition and our master watchmakers have it winding, running, and keeping time to an amazing standard that is as good as factory new. The Swiss really knew how to make a fantastic watch and this is the proof of the pudding. The stainless steel case is in very nice condition showing only minor wear for a piece of this vintage. Attached to this cool watch is a very interesting period band that carries the Art Deco theme around the wrist. If you are looking for a rare watch circa 1930 then this may be the one for you! Remember all of our timepieces come with our famous one year warranty for parts and labor so that you may buy with confidence.

Price: $2675
Year: 1930
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Every watch that Hamilton produced was well engineered and flawlessly executed. This was the rock on which they built the best watch making factory in none! In 1936 Hamilton introduced the "Morley". It has a beautiful 17 jewel movement that is winding, setting, and keeping time like new. Here's your chance to own a piece of American history for a very reasonable price. Fully restored and warrantied for a year, this is a watch that will look great and perform for a lifetime of timekeeping. The case is yellow gold filled and measures 22mm wide by 35mm in length.This is what the trade calls a "tonneau" case meaning that it has curved sides. There were only 11,610 of these made and who knows how many have survived. Certainly not many in this condition. In the mid 1930's manufacturers were looking for new case shapes as they experimented with enlarging the round space needed for the round movement. As they expanded the case they could contain the round movement while changing the dial shape to a more rectangular configuration. To keep it sleek they designed the case sides to curve around the movement and the "Tonneau Case" was born. This watch is more rectangular as a result, but still contains the round movement that was the industry standard for the era. By the late 1930's almost all the manufacturers re-tooled to make rectangular movements as well. These mid 1930's watches are getting increasingly hard to find...especially in this condition. Remember all of our timepieces come with our famous one year warranty for parts and labor so that you may buy with confidence.

Price: $895
Year: 1936
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Roamer was founded in Solothurn, Switzerland in 1888 by Fritz Meyer, and after many changes and iterations their production grew to over a million watches by 1923. They made a good number of cylinder escapement watches under different names, but their better quality watches were sold under the name "Roamer". The Roamers contained great quality, jeweled, lever escapement movements that have stood the test of time (so to speak:)! By 1923 production grew to over one million units. The top quality jeweled lever escapement watches were sold under the brand 'Roamer', but cylinder escapements, and later, pin-lever watches were sold under the brands Medana and Meda. In 1932 the company started its own dial production line. In 1945, a representative office opened in New York City and in 1952 Meyer and Studeli officially changed its name to Roamer Watch Co. SA. In 1955 Roamer patented the Anfibio watertight watch case, which proved to be a commercial success.

This particular Roamer we are offering is circa 1932 is a very interesting watch, and it is in fantastic condition. If you are aching for a real nice, original, Art Deco wristwatch, then take a look at the "Zoom-In" photos and see how nice this wristwatch appears. The case is beautifully polished chrome measuring 22mm wide (not including the crown), by 40mm lug to lug. The movement has 15 jewels and looks like new. The watch is winding, setting, and keeping time like the excellent Swiss timepiece it is. Now take a peak at the dial, it is a sleek, silver, work of art that has stylized numerals and a two-tone contrast. Notice how the track for the seconds bit mimics the shape of the case. This one can be yours, but don't hesitate because we have only one!

In 2003, Roamer returned to manufacturing of mechanical watches. Currently, it remains an independent watchmaking company, selling its products to over 70 countries. Roamer Watch Co. is a member of Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH.


Price: $1895
Year: 1932
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This might be the fanciest gentleman's Hamilton ever made! The case is 14K solid white gold and measures 40mm long by 22mm wide. It has a dramatic diamond dial with diamond encrusted numerals at the cardinal points.

Hamilton made some very dramatic looking watches in later years however this one was exceptional for its era circa 1947. The diamond dial Hamiltons were just spectacular in their appearance and very "Art Deco"in their design. Notice the diamond filled 12, 3, & 9 and the single set diamonds with solid white gold bezels at all of the other chapters. The long case measures 40MM lug to lug by 22MM wide by 11MM thick. The movement is a 17 jewel caliber 980 that is a joy to see as the balance wheel swings effortlessly back and forth. This is what is called a "Hooded-Lug" where the band actually goes up under the case edge however this style with the "Diamond Dial" is usually called called a "Top Hat" which refers to its dress watch heritage. I have never seen another like this in my 25 years in business. The case lugs are segmented on top of the lug attachment in a nice "Art Deco" configuration. You will know that you have something special on your wrist when you strap this one on. The case is 14K solid white gold and in excellent condition. Our master watch maker has this watch winding smoothly, setting easily, and keeping time like the day it was born. If you have been waiting for an unusual and intriguing diamond dial this may be the watch for you! Don't let it get away...we have only one! Don't forget all of our watches come with a one year parts and labor warranty.

Price: $5650
Year: 1947
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